Winning Isn’t Everything

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Don’t hate on this. I know we all want to win and I’m definitely included in that group. I’m also not saying winning isn’t an important goal to have. But what if winning was defined differently and had nothing to do with the scoreboard? Stay with me… What if winning became more about making sure every person on your team scores a goal, touches the ball, or that everyone gets on base or hits the ball. Or how about that you go through a game without getting upset with the Umpire or Referee? How does changing the definition of winning affect the way your team plays?  

Say that your goal is to have everyone make contact with the ball. All of a sudden, some of your players are practicing their swings behind the bench and other players are there to give them pointers on how to make contact with the ball. Or even better, Jimmy makes plans with Willy to go to the batting cages later in the week. All of a sudden this team sport really becomes a team sport.


Decide on a team win that has nothing to do with the scoreboard. Either decide on it together as a team or you can decide on something yourself and let your team know about it. This will give your team something else to work towards other than winning while also involving teamwork. All of a sudden, one of your players is giving Jimmy some pointers on how to make contact with the ball and practicing behind the bench. Or even better, they make plans to go to the batting cage together to work on it.


Chantale Sindrey

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