Summer Youth Soccer Reflections

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And That’s a Wrap!

I can’t believe Youth Soccer 2021 is over. It seems like just last week I was meeting Joseph and Abi for the first time and we were in 30 degree heat lining the soccer fields, getting everything ready for the first night of soccer. It feels like yesterday that I was nervously preparing for Monday night soccer and anxiously awaiting my first player to show up. 

Now, we’ve handed out the medals, we’ve scored our goals, we’ve made our friends, and we’ve shared the love of Christ. My heart is so full!

This was my first season at Reach Forth. I had been hired on at the end of April and had two months with Chantale to bombard her with questions and learn the ropes of running Youth Soccer before she left for maternity leave. At the end of June, I was feeling overwhelmed, under prepared, and anxious. But here we are – the end has come. Yes, there were some bumps in the road. There were some nights where I was calling my housemates and frantically asking them to bring more freezies or supplies that I had forgotten. There were days where I was wondering why I had applied for this job in the first place. I was an English major in school. Not a Ministry student or an athlete. How was I going to coach soccer and spread the Word? 

One of the biggest things I’ve learned this summer was that God uses you where you’re at in order to take you where you should be. I was a recent grad who was comfortable in my faith. God took me out of my comfort zone and reignited a spark in my faith life that had been missing for a while. He did this through the devotional time before games. Through the prayer requests and comments from the players. Through the encouragement from parents and donors. He used me and my skills and took me to a different place. 

This summer taught me a lot about myself, but also about our Saviour. Even though I felt underequipped, unprepared, and anxious, God provided me with everything I needed. He placed Joseph and Abi at Reach Forth and equipped them with the maturity and responsibility to take on the two leagues. He gave me a great co-coach who I was able to lean on for support. He gave me the words to speak and the talents to use to spread the love of Christ with my team. He provided me with every little thing that I needed throughout the season. 

God also provided for each and every one of you. Whether it was rides to soccer, extra shin pads or cleats, a new friend, or just some time outside, He provided. I feel so blessed that I was able to see God work through each and every one of us (players, coaches, parents) this season. I can not WAIT for next year!

I pray that everyone has a blessed rest of the summer and a fruitful school year! See you all on the field next year!


Helana Mulder

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