Soccer Camp Reflection

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The first day of camp brought 40 energetic kids to the Redeemer Sport Complex. Some new, some old, but all of them eager to play soccer! This was the start of a great week and an eye opening time for the kids and coaches as well.

A typical day at soccer camp consists of four hours of jam packed games and soccer. We start the day with a Warm Up (Funky Chicken being the fan favourite). After that the Athletes in Action staff lead a Drill of the day picking a new skill to work on each day. The Euro Cup commences afterwards where kids partner up and everyone shoots on the same net. Controlled mayhem commences and names of countries (some you haven’t even heard of before) are yelled left and right as it is required to call out your country before you score a goal.

Next we have the Coaches Corner where the Reach Forth Director Alex shares a short message with the kids. This week the theme was “Learning the R.O.P.E.S.” in honour of the Olympic Games! Each day we went over a different trait (Respect, Others First, Perseverance, Encouragement, and Sportsmanship) as Alex shared great stories from the Bible. After Alex shares a message we split up into the teams where the campers get a chance to ask questions. Great conversations unfolded as the kids got a chance to learn about the coaches’ faith and learn more about Jesus.

After Coaches Corner the kids eat lunch and jump right into a group game. Squirrel Tag, Human Knot, Octopus and many more got the kids back moving again after lunch! Finally the highlight of the day is the World Cup! The 8 teams of 5 face off (4 in each division – Junior and Senior) and the winner at the end of the week is awarded the Drummond Cup and Drummond Cup Junior. This made for great competition and gave an opportunity for the campers to demonstrate the skill of the day from the AIA coaches as well as the character trait.

Despite being left hanging when going for a high five countless times (Apparently that’s the hip thing to do these days – Extra points if you add in a dance move) it was an incredible week! The coaches really got to know the campers and were able to give them an opportunity to not only play soccer but positively influence their lives as well. The coaches were fantastic role models and you could tell that these kids looked up to them. It was apparent that by the end of the week the campers were better at soccer and were also starting to take the messages to heart. Seeing kids congratulate each other AND the other team, work together, forgive each other, and open up and have conversations about Jesus was truly amazing. God was doing great things at soccer camp this week and we hope pray that he continues to work in these kids lives.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone who helped make this week possible. It was a great success and we could not have done it without our volunteers and generous donations!


Chantale Sindrey

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