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You know those people who talk about their love for running and how much they look forward to it everyday? The joy of lacing up your running shoes and stepping outside. The way their heart skips  beat at every kilometer blah blah blah. Needless to say, I am not one of those people. The only part I can say that I truly enjoy about running is the second I get to stop. That being said, my decision to take part in Lynne’s Legacy Run this year did not come lightly.

Lynne's Legacy - Andy & Julia

Meet Julia Bayer, a young 27 year old battling ovarian cancer and also one of my best friends.  If you were at Lynne’s Legacy Run you would have heard her inspirational pre-run speech about her hope in Christ. Julia has decided to use her battle with cancer as a platform to share her unwavering faith. She is choosing to embrace this journey and tell others that she still has hope because of her saviour Jesus Christ. Julia has become so much more than a friend to me in this journey, she’s my inspiration.  My inspiration to live a life so full of God’s love that it shines through for all to see.  For Julia, I ran.  (Read more of Julia’s story here)

robMeet Rob Scott, a sweet and compassionate man who was also faced with cancer.  A man whose love for his family is so evident, for his son Isaac. Rob was always a quiet person but in every action or word, Christ was very evidently important in his life. Unfortunately Rob lost his battle with cancer in January but not without leaving a legacy of his own. A legacy of love and of unwavering faith through difficult times. For Rob, I ran.



Meet Matt Stone, my pastor’s middle son with a heart for others who lost his battle to cancer almost 2 years ago. Although I did not know Matt personally very well, I know him well through his family and friends.  If you were to ask them about Matt, they would say that Matt was a very caring individual who was always looking out for others and putting them ahead of himself. Seeking out the lonely, just as Christ would. A legacy of lifting up the lonely and forgotten. For Matt, I ran.

lynne-blogAnd lastly, meet Lynne, the inspiration behind this annual race. This person who I never had the chance of meeting but I feel like I have through the many family and friends who come together each year to honour her memory. Lynne encouraged others to think of their own journey and the lives we are living and find meaning. She challenged us to define what our #legacyis and by doing so, she left her own legacy.  For Lynne, I ran.

These are just a few of the stories that surround us and I know there are so many more. I am encouraged and challenged by these people. I am encouraged that despite the difficult roads these people face, they all choose hope. They decided that this would not define them and that their legacy wouldn’t be one of cancer but of hope. And in turn I am challenged to look at my own life and think about my legacy. Do I radiate a life of hope and faith?

As I ran on Saturday, I began to shape part of my legacy and so did you. But it cannot stop there. Don’t kick off the running shoes just yet. We need to continue fighting for the legacy we want every single day. So friends, will you keep running? Will you keep defining what your #legacyis?


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