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What a great start to the summer it’s been!

The first few weeks of soccer have been filled with lots of fun and excitement as teams have been settling in. The kids have been getting to know their teammates and coaches while having a blast on the field! Although the first few weeks were a bit hectic finalizing coaches for all the teams, we finally have most coaches placed, and we are thankful for all the parents and volunteers who stepped in to help.

We thought you might want to hear from two of our Monday night coaches, Zach Chester and Samuel Lim, and learn a bit more about what the coaching experience has been like for them with Reach Forth over these past few years. This year they are co-coaching our U8 teams together.

An introduction of yourself

“My name is Zach. This is my 3rd season coaching with Reach Forth. Hamilton has been home since 2016 and I like coaching as a way to stay active and tell people about Jesus.”

When did you start coaching/how did you get started with reachforth?

“I had a friend who was involved in leadership at Reach forth. I really enjoy coaching with my friend Sam. I tell people we have as much fun as the kids coaching fun drills and seeing the kids improve in their soccer skills.”

What has been your most impactful moment from coaching?

“I have had many impactful moments, seeing a shy kid come out of their shell, seeing a kid score their first goal, or even seeing them finally get how to do a proper throw-in are pretty cool!”

Do you have any fun stories from coaching?

“So many you had to be there for haha, but I will share that I always enjoy devos with the kids, I hope that they are impacted by the topics and scriptures we discuss.”

Have you learned anything through coaching?

“I have learned about how something as simple as volunteering to coach soccer can help build community. I would encourage anyone to get a friend or two together and coach a team together.”

 An introduction of yourself

“Hello! My name is coach Sam. I have loved soccer since I was a kid and it is still my favorite sport today. Fun fact, I was born 14,846 km from Hamilton in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia!”

When did you start coaching/how did you get started with reachforth?

“I started coaching for reachforth in the summer of 2021.”

What has been your most impactful moment from coaching?

“The most impactful moment, or moments rather, is seeing the kids grow and mature both as people and as soccer players. Coach Zach and I had the opportunity to coach the U8s last year and since then we have seen so many of our kids continue to play and love soccer. We have seen the quietest kids on the first day be loud, energetic, and passionate this year as they continue to grow.”

Any fun stories from coaching?

“Towards the end of last year’s Reach Forth soccer season, Coach Zach and I had a great idea to play ‘coaches versus kids’. It was coach Zach, myself, and three other coaches playing against 20+ kids! It was a scramble and full of chaos! Cleats went flying, heads were bopping, and goals were being scored! To no one’s surprise, the kids beat us! The score went down to something like 13-5. We could learn a lesson or two from these kids!”

Have you learned anything through coaching?

“I have learned that coaching soccer is more than drills or even game time. Soccer is about being a team, playing with all our hearts, and most importantly having lots of fun! Coach Zach and I always describe our coaching as, ‘two hours of kicking a ball and laughing.”

Zach and Sam have been such a blessing to our Monday soccer nights by coming early to help set up the nets, welcoming their team as they arrive, and are dedicated to making sure every player has a fun time. We are so thankful for them as coaches and for the effort they put in!



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