Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

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Fruit of the Spirits Special: Peace 

Read: Romans 5: 1-5

Verse: “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we[a] have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (vs 1)

The third fruit of the spirit we will be taking a look at is peace. Once again, this is a fruit of the spirit that isn’t normally talked about in relation to sport. Ask anyone what peace involves, and you’ll probably hear something about war, an argument, or a protest. Peace comes after a time of unrest. It’s usually understood as the absence of conflict. 

While these are legitimate understandings of peace, I want to focus on a different kind of peace; a peace that comes from rest and fellowship in Christ. 

Think of a place or time when you are calm and relaxed. What does it look like? Are there other people around you? What kind of sounds do you hear? What do you feel? These moments of relaxation and calmness are just foretastes of what true inner peace looks like. 

Peace, especially as it relates to the Bible “is more than just the absence of conflict or state of rest. It means completeness or wholeness, and it points to the presence of something else.” The Hebrew word for peace is one that many of us may be familiar with: “Shalom.” To be in a state of shalom is to have complete wholeness or completeness. As Christians we are made whole through Christ Jesus. Without Him, we will never achieve true peace. (WordsofFaithHopeLove)

So how does peace relate to sport? Well, I think so often we turn to other things for peace and rest. We turn to friends, family, winning sports games, working out, money, etc. It is so easy to fit worldly things into our lives just to find a sense of belonging and peace that we forget about the peace that’s right inside us: The Holy Spirit. 

Our inner peace and rest should come from God alone. We should not look outwardly to other things for our true peace. While sports can be a great outlet and can be a way to burn off some energy, it shouldn’t be our only focus. While winning can be a great source of joy, we need to be at peace with the outcome, no matter what it is. 

Peace isn’t usually something we think about until we don’t have it. It’s in the moments of busyness and stress that we pray for peace. I believe we should challenge ourselves to recognize peace in all areas of our life. We should recognize where our true, inner peace comes from, and thank The One who gave it to us.


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