Church League vs Sports Outreach

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When you hear the words ‘Church League’, what do you think of? I’ll tell you what I think of. I think of a league, organized by the church or people within the church made of up teams with people within the church to play against other local churches. Pretty simple, right?

What about when you hear the words ‘Sports Outreach’? Whenever I hear the word outreach, I think about evangelism, and whatever word is in front of outreach is usually the tool by which the evangelism takes place. In this case, sports that are being used as a tool for evangelism.

So where does Reach Forth fit? Many times I have heard Reach Forth referred to as a ‘Church League’ and although generally that is not necessarily a criticism, to us it is. If we look more like a ‘Church League’ than ‘Sports Outreach’, than we are not fulfilling our mission.

At Reach Forth Sports, we use sports as a medium to demonstrate love
to all people and to point them to who Jesus is.

So if everyone in our league is already attending a church or would consider themselves a Christian, can we say we are fulfilling our mission? Definitely not, something needs to change. Please don’t get me wrong and think that I’m saying Church Leagues are bad, because they aren’t. That however is not what Reach Forth has set out to be. Our mission, first and foremost, is to connect with those who have NEVER heard the gospel before. Perhaps some who may never want to step foot inside a church. Every year as we begin planning for a new season, we pray that those who have not heard the gospel will find themselves in our leagues connected to someone who has. So as registration for our summer has league has just opened, I have a challenge for you if you choose to accept it.

My Challenge:
We NEED you! You are the ones we are counting on to reach out to the neighbour that you have talked to a few times in passing. A co-worker who you know is looking to be more active. That friend you have on Facebook that you would love to invite to church but just can’t. A parents at your kids school you’d like to connect with more. Reach Forth is here to be a platform for you to use to point people to Jesus. You never know what someone may hear at their slo-pitch game that may spark a conversation during coffee. This is an opportunity for you, to be disciples. To enter the mission that Jesus invited us into, to be fishers of men.


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