Character Check

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We are already part way through the season, how’s your character? As Christians, our goal is to become more like Christ, to think how he thought and to behave how he behaved. This is obviously a very high standard to achieve and in fact, we know we can’t achieve it. But if we want to be examples of Christ on and off the field, we need to hold ourselves to these standards.

So with that in mind, let’s put Jesus on the playing field. What kind of things do you imagine him saying to his teammates? How does he interact with the opposing team? What about the way you yourself play with him around? Do you now think twice before saying something negative?


This week, Jesus is coming to your game! He’s sitting next to you on the bench. He’s standing next to you on the sidelines and he’s on the field with you while you play. How does this affect the way you play or coach this week?


Chantale Sindrey

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