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Accountability is important when in a position of leadership. Sometimes we can’t see how our own behaviour is having a negative effect on others and we need someone else to point it out. As Captains and Coaches of Reach Forth, you are setting the tone for your league. Although on the field you may be opponents, I would encourage you to think of each other as allies. You have all taken on the role of sports ministers and you will be much more successful if you look to each other for support. I know this idea might seem very odd and backwards but when it comes to sports ministry, it is important to remember that it is so much more than just about the sport we are playing which means we have to think about our opponents as much as our own teams.


Pick a captain/coach of another team and ask them to give you constructive criticism about your leadership and about your team. How does their team perceive yours? Do they enjoy playing against your team?


Chantale Sindrey

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