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This was my 9th summer of being involved in this soccer camp and each year I am amazed at what God shows ME while I serve. This year in particular I was struck by two things: the relationships that can be formed between campers and leaders in a very short time period, and the generosity of our supporters.
I have had the blessing of getting to know many campers over the past 9 summers and each year I am amazed at how much of a blessing they are to me, even though I set out to serve them. This year God showed me again, how He works through relationships. It doesn’t matter the age span between two people, the cultural or even religious background, God will bring people together for relationship and community. Year after year the campers make us laugh, teach us, and challenge us to think differently. It really is an amazing experience. I ran into a few of the campers at the Ti Cat game, the day after camp ended. They both ran up to me and gave me a hug and the one camper said, “I cried the whole way home after camp yesterday.” We had only been with these kids for 5 days (actually for this particular camper, it had only be 4!) and I would have been surprised at what he said, except that I had seen it so many times, and I too had been there myself. God works through relationships.
I was also reminded of the generosity that our supporters show this ministry. Whether it is taking a week off work to volunteer or donating finances to allow all 45 kids to attend at no cost to them, the generosity we see is humbling. One anonymous donation in particular was really encouraging to me. This donation was made in memory of Ken Drummond. Ken was involved in Reach Forth for many years and was an avid soccer fan. Ken passed away last November, and in his memory a donation was made to the Soccer Camp program so that kids could have a great experience and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! As a small token of our appreciation for their generosity, we named the Soccer Camp trophies after Ken and had a wonderful opportunity to tell the kids about him during the week. They say, a picture is worth a thousand words, well here is about one million words:


Chantale Sindrey

Chantale Sindrey

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