Should YOUR Church do Sports Ministry?

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Have you ever considered Sports Ministry for your church?  Perhaps you have but have no idea where to start.  Or maybe you just don’t think it would work for your church.  Let me encourage you otherwise with just a few reasons:


Get Your Church into the Community

We can have thousands of amazing church programs inside our church however if we want to reach those outside the church, we have to be willing to meet them where they are. By giving your church opportunities to get involved in the community, this gives your church a face to those outside and not just a building that they pass on their drive to work.

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Get to Know Your Neighbours

Building on the last point, it’s important to get to know your neighbours.  Perhaps you are the only church in the neighbourhood and maybe the only church some people will ever have a connection with so it is important to make a good impression.  Let your neighbours know that you care about the community, not just about your church.

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Builds Community within Community

By implementing a program that happens out in the community, you will be building up the community.  Families will come together with their kids to play sports together.  Maybe these families have never met before but now they will have this common element that brings them together with hopes of building relationships that go beyond your program.

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Outreach and Evangelism

Sports ministry is about using sports as a platform to share the gospel with those who might not otherwise hear it. This is an opportunity to tell those in the community why your faith is important and why you believe what you believe, and also why you want them to believe too!

No Sports Experience Necessary!

This is something I can’t stress enough!  You may think you need to be good at sports to run a sports program but that isn’t necessarily true. Your need to have a willing heart to reach those around you because in all honesty, it’s not really about sports. It’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.  It’s about taking the sermons and lessons we hear on Sundays and putting them into action through the week. JESUS is the POINT, PEOPLE are our PASSION and SPORTS are the PLATFORM.

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If you would like more information on sports ministry, we would love to have a chat with you and just see what it could look like for you and your church!  We believe this is an effective tool to minister to your community and want to help you get started.  
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